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2019 Silverstone Classic

 The Rover P6 Club will again have a pitch at the Silverstone Classic. If you've never been, this is one event to be experienced for the wide variety of full family entertainment provided. By having a club stand, and buying your ticket on the 'early bird' deal it is extreamely good value for money.

Drive it Day

Drive it Day - 23 April 2017

Tony Bunting is organising a Drive it Day outing to the "Sunday Scramble" at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire. Bicester Heritage is based in 348 acres of a historic 1920s RAF bomber station and is the first UK park for the restoration, storage and enjoyment of vintage and classic cars, motorcyles and aeroplanes. They have restored everything including the redbrick buildings, hangars, tree lined avenues and the airfield. It has everything on offer to celebrate and enjoy the UK's Drive it Day.

Classic Car Insurance Comparison Website was launched at the end of 2013. But surprisingly it seems, it is not well known. This price comparison website devoted to Classic Car insurance has been established by Bauer Consumer Media, the publishers of Practical Classic Magazine.

However it doesn't cover all insurers. We note that for instance Peter Best isn't on their list, but it could help with the amount of phoning around that we often tend to do at renewal time - especially in these times of uncertainty where another round of insurance hikes seem to be all too often reported by the press.

Have you used it? What are your experiences? Do contact us and let us know if it has proved useful to you.

A better deal on car insurance for under 25s?

Learning to drive is expensive these days. On average, it now costs nearly £3,000 to get from your first lesson to the big day when you can drive away with a crisp, fresh license. And that’s if you can pass first time, which statistically nearly 70% of learners won’t.


If you’re a young petrol head, that’s a lot of cash to have to stump up. Which is why so many under-25s find it impossible to make that dream of the open road a reality due to the spiralling cost of insurance.


Winners at the 2016 National Car Club Awards

Outstanding Use of Social Media

Winners at the 2016 National Car Club Awards

At the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show on Saturday 5th March, The Rover P6 Club was invited to the inaugral National Car Club Awards ceremony hosted by Mike Brewer. We were shortlisted for two award categories - Outstanding Website of the Year and Outstanding Use of Social Media and we won the award for Outstanding Use of Social Media.


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