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Our A4 magazine is 24 pages of full colour and is issued every 2 months. In each issue we include:

  • Technical Articles - Information to keep your P6 on the road. We've covered recomissioning, engine mounts, boot mount spare, 4 cylinder top end, 4 cylinder engine bearings amongst other topics.
  • Historic Articles - Two of our members are keen historians and have researched a wealth of information on the history of the Rover P6. Information that has been gleaned from many museum archives and interviews with many of the original P6 design team.
  • Members Cars - Many of our members have done interesting work to their P6 and often want to share this with the membership. We've had articles from teenagers having a P6 as their first car, P6s converted to a Ford Zetec engine, P6s from films, and a Rover 2000 with a 5 litre buick engine!
  • Out and about from the regions - Wherever our Area Organisers take you, the photographs will end up in the magazine!


  • Our February 2015 issue offered here includes resurrection of the P6 heater box and part 2 of our series on welding your P6 specifically looking at the heater box area and windscreen surrounds.

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