Joining the Rover P6 Club


Club membership lasts for 12 months from the date of joining. Joining the Rover P6 Club is straight forward, online with a simple form to tell us about you and your car, and we take payment by Paypal. If you prefer to pay by cheque, download and print the paper form. Either way, the membership fee is the same. We do not charge additional fees to cover our Paypal charges and we're still among the lowest membership fees around.


Elected voluntary committee

We are the only P6 Club to be run by a committee which is elected every year at the AGM. As a voluntary organisation we are completely non-profit. All monies are for the benefit of the Club. We attend all the major shows including the NEC Classic Motor Show and Event City and no expenses are claimed for hotels and subsisence. We do it because we want to do it! Some Club members volunteer their own skills, even our IT requirements (e.g. web hosting) are done for free by a Club member. By joining together for the benefit of all, our membership fees are amongst the lowest for any single model classic car club.


Driving Force Magazine

Driving ForceOur magazine is 24 pages of full colour and is issued every 2 months. In each issue we include:

  • Technical Articles - Information to keep your P6 on the road. We've covered recomissioning, engine mounts, boot mount spare, 4 cylinder top end, 4 cylinder engine bearings amongst other topics.
  • Historic Articles - Two of our members are keen historians and have researched a wealth of information on the history of the Rover P6. Information that has been gleaned from many museum archives and interviews with many of the original P6 design team.
  • Members Cars - Many of our members have done interesting work to their P6 and often want to share this with the membership. We've had articles from teenagers having a P6 as their first car, P6s converted to a Ford Zetec engine, P6s from films, and a Rover 2000 with a 5 litre buick engine!
  • Out and about from the regions - Wherever our Area Organisers take you, the photographs will end up in the magazine!


Rover P6 Club eNewsletter

Newsletters straight to your Inbox

Every odd numbered month, when we're not publishing Driving Force magazine, all our members receive our eNewsletter direct to their inbox. With both Driving Force and our eNewsletter, we communicate with all members every single month of the year. There are always announcements to be made, news items that are pertinent to our hobby e.g. changes to car tax, offers from FBHVC, up and coming events and improvements to the running of the Club. 


Free Technical Advice

Tech HelpEach copy of Driving Force magazine carries with it the contact details of our technical advisors. We are all amateurs, but many have particular skills and are only too willing to help each other out. This is the power of the club, keeping our P6s on the road by ourselves.


Area Organisers

Area Organisers by Postcode

A UK network of Area Organisers to bring the Club to the local level. The local level of the club means that we're there to support and help if you have problems as well as organising shows/events and outings to get out and enjoy driving your P6.


Free Insurance Valuations

We have a team of members who can perform insurance valuations on behalf of the club. For non-members we charge £25, so join the club and enjoy a free valuation and a full years membership.


Associations with other Rover organisations

We are the only P6 Club to be a part of the Joint Rover Clubs (JRC). This association of Rover clubs works to provide for a better environment for all our clubs. We have campaigned to the organisers of the NEC Classic Motor Show to put all Rover clubs together to create a Rover Village. This will enable visitors to see the progression of Rover from a company manufacturing bicycles into the Rover Motor Company through pre-war models to present day. We share our events and actively encourage all JRC clubs to attend our events to bring a wide variety of cars and greater interest. In 2013 together with the Rover Sports Register, we jointly hosted the Jubilee Rally to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Rover P6, an event recognised by Classic and Sportscar magazine as the best show of the year. We are also taking the initiative to work with the Rover Sports Register on a common method for Rover P6 valuations that are accepted by insurance companies. Working together makes us stronger and brings more opportunity to our members.


Copyright agreement with Heritage Motor Centre (Gaydon)

We are the only P6 Club to have an agreement with the Heritage Motor Centre to reproduce Rover copyright material for the benefit of our members. This means that we have fully digitised the 3500/3500S workshop manual and parts book, the 4 cylinder version to follow. The digital version is available on CD from our Regalia. The value of this alone is a superb reason to join the Rover P6 Club. In addition, our Regalia section can order reprints of original posters and other artwork for our members.


Supplier relationships

The Rover P6 Club has always had strong links with our suppliers. It is important for the longevity of the car to have a good supplier base. Our suppliers too understand that by working together with the club, that a healthy club will also bring them benefits too. Our magazine Driving Force contains all the main suppliers for P6 parts and services. Many of them have also sponsored our National rallies and also attended the major indoor shows such as the NEC Classic Motor Show, not to promote their business, but to promote the Rover P6 Club. MH Annable & Son have particularly been supportive by providing their time and expertise at the Stoneleigh Restoration Show for many years. At this show we perform repair work on a members car free of charge, the member has only to supply the parts.


With so many reasons to join the Rover P6 Club, click the button below and fill in the forms to tell us about you and your car. You don't need a car to join - in fact we may be able to help you source one or one of our members could come with you to view the car and help you decide.


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