Changing Wiper Rubbers

Many years ago, you could buy wiper rubbers to renew your wiper blades without having to buy the complete unit. These days in our consumable society such austere  measures are no longer offered, however due to the rapid rise in the pound shops, complete wiper blades are available for, well, a pound. With prices for a pair of wiper blades commanding £15-£20, this simple neat trick means it can be done for just £2.

The wiper blades sold in these pound shops are about 19" long, but with careful use of plyers and a knife you can change the rubbers over into your existing P6 wiper blades.


The two blades compared with the P6 wiper blade at the bottom.



The locking arrangement on the P6 wiper blade



And the locking arrangement on the pound shop wiper blade



Using a pair of pliers, prize open the jaws of the locking mechanism on the new wiper blades to release the rubber wiper and remove from the blade body.




Do the same for the P6 wiper.

Check that the new rubber slides easily though the jaws of the P6 wiper blade, gently easing any jaws that are tight, but don’t give the rubber too much free play. It should just be able to slide as the curve of the blade is changed, but not be able to flop about. Then push the rubber fully home so that the locking mechanism engages in the last jaw.


Finally trim off the surplus rubber.


Chris York


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