4 Cylinder Workshop Manuals - on CD

Following on from the popularity and success of offering digitised manuals for the V8, we are pleased to finally be able to bring you the four cylinder workshop and parts manuals all on one CD. The delay to the production of these manuals has been due to the amount of manuals required, acquiring good quality copies and having them scanned by club volunteer Kit Moore.

We are advertising these manuals as covering the 4 cylinder models from 1967 to 1977, but there will be many aspects of pre-1967 cars that are also covered, e.g. Dunlop brakes, however we cannot guarantee that every peculiarity of the sharkstooth era for example are covered. There are specialist (and rare) manuals covering those cars.

The manuals covered with this CD includes:


605028 Workshop Manual (August 1967)
605564 Supplement to Workshop Manual (2000TC HS8 Carburettor)
607088 Supplement to Workshop Manual (August 1970)
RTC9021A Rover 2000 Parts Catalogue (September 1974)



AKM3625 Rover 2000-2200 Repair Operations Manual (1977)
RTC9844CA Rover 2200 Parts Catalogue (May 1979)

The Rover P6 Club is able to bring these digitised manuals to our members due to our exclusive agreement with British Motor Industry Heritage Trust. The terms of our agreement mean that only Rover P6 Club members are able to buy these exclusive CDs.

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