Petworth 2012 Rover P6 Club National Rally

About The Rover P6 Club

Established in 1993, The Rover P6 Club's founding principle is to promote the use and survival of the Rover P6 models with a comprehensive support network spanning the globe.


A Rover P6 owners club and a true classic car club

The Rover P6 Club is owned by our members and governed by an elected committee of volunteers which changes annually. As a member, you can become as actively involved as you like in supporting the car and our members, either in your local area with smaller events, or nationally as part of the central committee.

Like all true membership organisations, we are non-profit. All profits made from rallies, events, regalia sales and membership fees are ploughed back into the club to continue its growth and support members with more events, regalia and magazines which are bigger and better quality than before.


THE Rover P6 Club
Designers of the Rover P6 Jubilee Rally

We are proud to count amongst our members many of the Rover design engineers who developed the P6 in the early sixties. We have access to a vast collection of archives documenting the history of the car, and have dedicated archivist contributors to the magazine, whose research and articles are breaking new ground to add more chapters to the P6's history with every issue. 

On these grounds, we are a spiritual successor to the original Rover Company and the custodians of the P6 and its history, as well as active supporters of the owners and drivers of today.


A local P6 club with national connections

We have an active and vibrant collection of regional branches covering the entire United Kingdom. Each one is served by an Organiser who is the Club's representative on a local level.

We have major national events across the country, including Northern and Southern national rallies. We also attend the NEC Classic Motor Show, Stoneleigh Restoration Show and Practical Classics Restoration Show on an annual basis.


A Rover P6 club with award-winning events, magazine and people 

Rover P6 Club Driving Force Magazine

Our 2013 Jubilee Rally event, which celebrated 20 years of the Club and 50 years of the P6, was awarded the prestigious Classic & Sports Car Magazine award for Best Club Event of 2013.

We were the only one-model club to be personally invited to take up a stand at the inaugural Practical Classics Restoration Show at the NEC Birmingham in April 2014, and some of our Committee have been nominated for the Club Heroes award with Practical Classics in recognition of their exceptional dedication to promote the car and support the club. Our website and use of social media was short-listed for an award at the Classic & Sports Car Club Awards, and at the same ceremony, Club Secretary Michael Allen took home the silverware for Best Contribution to a Club by a Youngster (under 35).

DRIVING FORCE our bi-monthly full-colour glossy A4 magazine has been named Club Magazine of the Month by both Practical Classics and Classic Car Weekly magazines.

Every issue of Driving Force contains a variety of articles that have received wider recognition in the national classic car press. We have a dedicated technical team providing in-depth and meaningful technical articles covering some of the more complex issues affecting P6s that are not covered adequately by the workshop manual. We also have an Archivist who has recently conducted extensive interviews with all of the surviving design and production team who worked on P6. He has unearthed the production records at Gaydon and is shedding new light on the P6 story, which is revealed in each issue of the magazine.


Comprehensive technical support - free for all

Rover 3500 Workshop ManualsInsurance valuations and technical advice is free to all members, and just a phonecall or email away.

We have a solid relationship with all of the major P6 parts suppliers and restoration firms, many of whom support us at many of our shows and advertise in our magazine. 

We have negotiated a copyright agreement with British Motor Heritage at Gaydon, who now allow us to sell digital copies of the comprehensive Rover factory workshop manuals and parts catalogues on a CD-ROM to club members - over 1,000 pages for just £7. It could easily cost around £50 if you bought the paper copies, another way that club membership represents extremely good value for money.


Rover P6 Club support network - all across the world

Clubs associated with the Rover P6 ClubWe have a large number of members in North America and Australasia, as well as Northern Europe, and have built strong relationships with the native Rover car clubs in those areas. We swap magazines, stories and technical support freely to P6 owners across the globe.

We are also a member of the Joint Rover Clubs (JRC) initiative, which exists to promote relationships between UK Rover-themed car clubs to coordinate joint events, discuss shared issues, and give members of each club access to a fuller diary of rallies, events and members. 

We are proudly affiliated to the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), a research and lobbying body supporting the use of classic cars in daily British traffic for the future. Recently they have successfully lobbied for the reintroduction of the rolling tax exemption scheme, commissioned research into the impact of ethanol fuels, and expressed concerns over the pre-1960 MOT-exemption scheme. As an FBHVC affiliated member, all club members are entitled to an insurance 'Club discount' if the insurer participates in the scheme. As an affiliate Club, we can actively contribute to these discussions, and receive regular reports and authoritative research papers on developments in the industry. We reprint these details in Driving Force for your benefit and information.

As a true membership-owned club, we are the only P6 club to be a member of either of these organisations.


Support for younger drivers in the Rover P6 Club Rover P6 Club Facebook GroupRover P6 Club Twitter ProfileRover P6 Club LinkedIn profileRover P6 Club YouTube Profile

Rover P6 Club on FacebookWe have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as a dedicated section on the Classic Rover Forum. Our membership is made up from a broad variety of ages and backgrounds, and is a vibrant welcoming community.

Most of the club's technical experts are active contributors on social media, and many members have posted up a picture of a mechanical problem at lunchtime only to have it solved for them by tea-time! Our active online presence makes it easier than ever for members to talk to each other, swap ideas, stories and experiences, regardless of distance. We understand the power of the internet to do good things, and have fully embraced the digital transformation in the Rover P6 Club.

For younger drivers we have negotiated a scheme with Peter Best Insurance Services to offer insurance on 2000/2200 models to under 21 year-old members. Younger drivers represent a rapidly growing portion of our membership, and many are actively involved in the running of the club. The P6 is becoming more widely recognised as a practical, affordable and safe alternative for the first-time classic buyer, and the club is in full support of this. We have a dedicated representative for negotiating favourable insurance schemes, and a wealth of experience on hand to help new members with whatever their needs may be.


Amongst the lowest membership fees of any one-model car club

As a non-profit club, we can afford to hold our annual membership fees at these remarkable lows

UK - £28    ◈    Europe - £34    ◈    Rest of World - £38


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