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The Rover P6 Club has a network of Area Organisers and meetings around the UK. Our Area Organisers provide a local contact for the Club, organise events and provide for support and help across the Area.

The traditional pub meet was a place to meet other people with the same interest, gain support from others on how to fix problems, organise shows/days out, and generally make good friends and have fun based around our love of the car. The pub meeting was born in the days when our cars were plentiful, clubs had large numbers of members, and everyone was close to other like-minded Rover folk. Sadly as our cars get older and older, the numbers of cars gradually decreases and the membership becomes more and more remote from other members (outside of the main cities and towns). In today's world however, we can keep in touch with our membership through email and meet up at shows or other events. This will continue to create a sense of involvement, friendship and support that the pub meeting did, but will allow everyone to participate. The pub meeting is still a valuable club function that the club provides and these are listed in our branch meetings.

The UK has been split up into postcode areas as shown on this map, and each area assigned an Area Organiser. If you would like to contact your area organiser, use our contact form and select 'area organisers' from the list.

Areas and branches for the Rover P6 Club

Area Organiser
Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg Vacant
Cambridge & Peterborough Trevor Parsons & Guy Valentino
Channel Islands Alexandra Phillips
Dorchester, Salisbury, Portsmouth, Bournmouth & Southampton  Alexandra Phillips
Derby, Nottingham, Leicester Vacant-see
Devon & Cornwall Alexandra Phillips
Essex & Suffolk Trevor Parsons
Hull & East Yorkshire Philip Robson
Lancaster & Blackburn Vacant
Leeds & South Yorkshire Vacant
Liverpool, Chester, Warrington & Isle of Man Tony Jenkins
Manchester, Crewe, Stockport Vacant
Milton Keynes & Northampton Philip Copperwheat
Norfolk Guy Valentino
North/West London, South Herts & Bucks Tony Bunting
North Bristol & Gloucester Alexandra Phillips
North Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Telford, Stoke-on-Trent & Shrewsbury Richard Robbins
North Wales Elfyn Hughes
Northern England Andy King and Barry Gill
Northern Ireland John Mackin
Northern Scotland Vacant
Reading, Swindon & Oxford Kev Watkiss & Graham Shaw
South Birmingham and Coventry Peter Willmer
South Bristol & Bath Terry Orchard & Alexandra Phillips
South East London & Kent (Incl East Kent) Matt Richardson & Ben Hedges
South, West and Mid Wales Gareth Jones
Southern Scotland Vacant
Surry, Guildford, Redhill & Brighton Dave Griffin
Wigan, Preston and Fylde Tony Jenkins
Worcester, Dudley Vacant
York & West Yorkshire Vacant


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