2019 Silverstone Classic Discount Codes

2019 Silverstone Classic - Friday 26 - Sunday 28 July 2019


Rover P6 Club Unique discount code for 2019 is: CCD001042019


Super Early Bird Car Club Display Packages with prices held at the 2018 level are available to book  until 31st December 2018


Friday - £43, Saturday - £71, Sunday - £60, 2-Day Fri/Sat - £82, 2-Day Sat/Sun - £94, 3-Day Weekend - £99. CCD001042019. There is no extra booking fee on top of the package prices shown below but a small transaction fee will be applicable per order.

I have again registered the Club for the Silverstone Classic. The CLUB DISPLAY PACKAGES  includes two adult general admission tickets (one for the driver and one for the passenger) and one infield vehicle display pass for your P6 in the Rover P6 Club display area. 

This excellent value package can only be purchased by a club member using the unique booking code dedicated to each individual car club. You can buy additional tickets for other passengers including children coming in your P6. These prices are shown when you go through the booking process and include very good value and free tickets for children depending on age. Savings can be greater than your annual club membership fee. The earlier you book the better as the prices increases over time.  Tickets have sold out in previous years causing disappointment to some of our members who left it too late. My advice is to book as soon as possible and if you are only coming on one day Saturday is the best day. The fun fair with dodgems etc for children, the evening rock concert on Friday and Saturday and much more are all included in the price. If you are coming for all 3 days and want camping it can be booked now now whilst there are still places. Details are on the Silverstone Classic Website. If you camp you can either take your car there or walk to the camp area leaving your car on the Rover P6 Display area overnight. No gazebos are allowed on our the Club stand, just chairs if you want to bring a picnic. Their will be a Club flag on the stand. It is a great event and is tremendous value for money. Ask those who come every year. Terms and conditions are on the Silverstone Cl.assic Website. 

There are three pricing periods for car club display package sales with the last pricing period ending on 31st May 2019 . 


1. Super Early Bird Car Club Display Packages  


Prices are held at the 2018 level and are available until 31st December 2018

Friday - £43
Saturday - £71
Sunday - £60
2-Day Fri/Sat - £82
2-Day Sat/Sun - £94
3-Day Weekend - £99


2. Early Bird Car Club Display Packages
Available 1st January until 31st March 2019


Friday - £45
Saturday - £74
Sunday - £62
2-Day Fri/Sat - £92
2-Day Sat/Sun - £101
3-Day Weekend - £102


3. Standard Car Club Display Packages
Available 1st April until 31st May 2019


Friday - £52
Saturday - £78
Sunday - £67
2-Day Fri/Sat - £102
2-Day Sat/Sun - £112
3-Day Weekend - £120

If you want to book camping follow the link below:



To book the club's deal for tickets to the 2019 Silverstone Classic follow the link below: https://silverstoneclassic.seetickets.com/event/silverstone-classic/silverstone/1266782?src=carclubs&_ga=2.37841955.1649257067.1543523369-1522000609.1543523369  



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