2015 Practical Classics Restoration Show


The second annual Restoration Show at the NEC was a brilliant show and more than twice the size of the inaugural event last year. Once again, we were proud to be invited to take up a stand and support the show, which is organised and promoted by our friends at Practical Classics magazine. We had three cars on the stand - all of them four-cylinders.

Marcus Mitchell’s Zircon blue 2000 SC Auto drew the most crowds for its beautiful patina and series 1 charm. It was also used as the ‘demonstrator’ vehicle all weekend when showing visitors where the common rot spots are on a P6. Marcus’ car has factory-perfect sills (even in the box-sections beneath the rear seats) and is one of the best base units any of us has ever seen, which made it the perfect candidate to show potential buyers what a P6 should look like!

We rebuilt Marcus’ carburettor and fitted electronic ignition, which we videoed and will shortly be publishing this on our YouTube channel and website. Sadly, there was a glum end to the weekend when the battery was reconnected to Marcus’ car revealing a rather dramatic electrical short which caused smoke to come wisping out the back of his newly rebuilt dynamo. He made the short journey home on a low-loader, but we have since heard the dynamo has been repaired at no cost, so hopefully he should be motoring reliably again!

Philip Cooper brought his Mexico 2000 SC Automatic for a carburettor change. He has had a 2200 engine fitted but was still running the original HS6 carburettor. A new carb was supplied but on inspection it was found that the linkage is different.

Showcasing the DeDion rear suspension and stripped V8 engine proved a great hit with the public. Many P6 owners remarked that they’d never seen the suspension in its entirety and some had never got their head around how it worked, but moving the linkages brought the whole thing to life.

Motoring journalist John Simister, who writes for Autocar and Practical Classics amongst others, sought us out for a chat. John has recently bought a series 1 2000, which was used to ferry guests on and off the show’s live stage. We were welcomed back stage to see the car and chat to John about his new-found adoration for P6s.

It only remains to thank all who helped to make the show such a success for the Club. Steve Benyon is singled out for special thanks for supplying the engine and suspension. Just one week earlier, the suspension was still attached to his car!

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