2015 Club Trip to Dublin

It was a beautifully warm and golden Summer’s morning when a cavalcade of P6s came rumbling into Holyhead. All told, 13 cars were lined up for the trip across the Irish sea for the Club’s first organised trip to Ireland.


We were heading to the Terenure Rally in Terenure Park, Dublin - the biggest classic car show in Ireland organised by the Irish Jaguar Daimler Club. The petrol tanks were full, there was a full weekend of road runs, sight-seeing and twisted mountain B-roads ahead of us, and all of the black stuff we could drink!


After a night in the Temple Bar, we began the second day with a road run out into County Wicklow. Alan Nason, who lives in Co Dublin, had organised the entire day for us. We began with a visit to the Slazenger family home at Powerscourt, lunch at Johnnie Fox’s (the highest pub in Ireland), Glencree military barracks and then pointed our fleet at the beautiful Glendalough vale on the other side of the Wicklow mountains. The deep rumbling of the V8s highlighted with the fizzy barks of the four-cylinders was a symphony! And the road was sublime.


After another evening out of local culture, we awoke the following morning to the worst rain we could have imagined! It was coming at us in torrents and we were facing a day of standing in an increasingly wet looking field.


But the weather turned good for us. After a few hours, the clouds parted, the sixties beat-group tribute act turned the amps up to 11, and we were honoured to learn that James Clark had won best car in class for his one-family owned Tobacco Leaf 3500.


We were interviewed on the live stage by John Vallely of the Irish Jaguar & Daimler Club, who showed genuine interest in our self-styled ‘Viking Invasion’ and thanked us for making the long journeys to be there. Several on the trip were from the North East of England and Scottish Borders, but the prize for the furthest travelled went to Jim & Peggy Legg who came all the way from California to be on the trip!


The following day we boarded the ferry home and parted ways at Holyhead.


Sometimes we fall into the trap of saying everything is “fantastic”. But this holiday genuinely was one of those weekends you remember for doing more, laughing more, (drinking more!!) and enjoying every minute so much more than thought you would. We started the weekend as members and enthusiasts. We ended as friends.


We want to single out for special thanks Mick and Rob Burke for devising and organising the entire thing for over 20 people. And Alan Nason for a brilliantly well organised road run through Co Dublin and Co Wicklow.


If we do something similar in the future, be sure to book. You won’t be disappointed.

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