2014 Stoneleigh Restoration Show


The Stoneleigh Restoration Show - 26 October 2014
This year we performed valve clearance checks on an early 2000 and investigated the cause of a rattling timing chain. This turned out to be a sheared screw holding the long slipper-pad for the upper timing chain. A “make-do” solution had to be employed for this one as the repair would have been more involved than the time allowed, but the car made its journey home quietly which is more than can be said for its arrival.

Peter Willmer brought his 3500S to have his front shock absorbers rebushed which gave the viewing public a chance to see the nose high up in the air and view the technical marvel of the P6 front suspension. Peter also donned his overalls, rolled up his sleeves and joined Clive Annable in the repair work.

We were also visited by Classic Car Weekly who took plenty of photographs of our stand and commented that it was nice to see a club actually working on their cars (which is what the show is all about) and they commented that most of the other clubs present were just lining up a row of shiny cars. Let’s hope we see this in print in the near future and get more publicity for the Club.

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