2013 Stoneleigh Restoration Show


The Stoneleigh Restoration Show - 27 October 2013
This year the Rover P6 Club was given a good sized stand, and we needed it. Christian Pamp, one of our Manchester Area members needed his roof swapping and the Club was only too willing to provide the help and support. Once again our sincere thanks go to Maurice and Clive Annable of MH Annable & Son, P6 specialists and Club members. Maurice and Clive came to lead us through the work involved ably assisted by James Rumney who also organised this years stand.

Rover P6 Roof Removed
Getting stuck in to the job. With the rear decker off and back window out, the roof was removed. Fortunately the gutters and rails were in good condition. Chris Wilson looks on discussing the work with Clive Annable.


Rover P6 Roof Removed
Christian Pamp helps with scraping off the old sealant from his car in preparation for the new roof.


Insert new headlining
With the new roof in place, Maurice and Clive Annable pass the headlining through the back window into position.


screw headlining back in place
.... and fasten it back in to place


2013 Stoneleigh
Maurice and Clive take a well earned coffee break between Chris Wilson's series 1 2000 in Wedgewood Blue and Brian Humphreys' series 2 Almond 2000TC


Tow truck home from Stoneleigh
Unfortunately it wasn't all plain sailing. Michael Allen suffered a failure of the crankshaft front spigot seal on his drive down from Liverpool suffering a heavy oil loss. Fortunately Michael was almost at Stoneleigh when this happened. However he did need help to get home. Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to save on petrol costs!
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